Eating too much cooked meat is a paleo food lover mistake. Raw foods contain more enzymes and things which break down our foods and leave excess enzymes for breaking down fibrous soft-tissue adhesions and some research even suggests that it will lower your risk of cancer by breaking down the cancer cell walls. Alkalising the body with vegetables, fruits and their powdered derivatives is the other solution to becoming a thick blooded meat lover. I hope that Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf can share this message a little more to the Paleo world!

The Oka we made today was made from fresh raw tuna with lime, tomato, chilli, coriander, coconut milk and sea salt.

I also included pics from a very fibrous smoothy a cocoa and coconut drink as well as the health supplements I bought yesterday to help alkalise and regenerate cells. Research shows that cells in an optimal solution can potentially live forever (or at least for 20 years until someone forgets to change the solution!). Research from Otto Warburg in 1923 which proved that cancer cannot grow in an oxygen rich alkaline environment, he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his findings in 1931 but still this knowledge isn’t mainstream. Alkalise and live longer and stronger with improved recovery!

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  1. Rohan says:

    What’s in the smoothie?

  2. Cool stuff Keegan – looking forward to next time i visit the farm so I can try some more raw meat.. not gonna eat the storebought ground beef raw though

    • keegansh says:

      Do you have farmers markets? Raw fish is a great place to start too.. Steaks can be cut fine and eaten raw too.. tastes great and you feel that it’s easy to digest! How’s your training going.. I did some handstands today!

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