Each day, lives are adversely affected by cancer. Prostate cancer can be treated if it is caught by medical professionals in the early stages of development, so raising awareness for prostate cancer screening and treatment is critical. If you are hoping to use lapel pins to increase awareness for prostate cancer, then you will need to give careful thought to the design of these pins.

Here are three tips that you should keep in mind throughout the design process to ensure you are able to sell more awareness pins to raise funds for research and awareness for the importance of regular prostate cancer screening in the future.

1. Incorporate the light blue ribbon into your pin's design.

Certain colors are associated with certain types of cancer. You can capitalize on the marketing and promotion done by prostate cancer research foundations by incorporating the light blue ribbon which symbolizes prostate cancer into the design of your lapel pins.

Featuring the light blue ribbon prominently in your pins' design ensures that the pins will easily be recognizable as prostate cancer awareness pins when members of the public encounter them.

2. Use a variety of materials in your designs.

It can be helpful to use a variety of materials when creating designs for prostate cancer awareness pins. Many pins are constructed using colored enamel, which create a colorful and glossy pin that will capture the attention of onlookers. If you want to create a pin with a bit more class, you can always inlay light blue gemstones in a pave pattern within the ribbon shape of a lapel pin.

These pave pins will glitter and glisten, making them the perfect addition to any black-tie wardrobe. By using a variety of materials in the design of your pins, you ensure that there will be a pin that appeals to the varied tastes of the public, encouraging more people to buy and wear the lapel pins that will help raise awareness for prostate cancer.

3. Cater to specialty groups.

Individuals who have been treated for prostate cancer and beat the disease are proud to say they are survivors. You should create specialty pins for this group that let people know they are survivors.

By incorporating the word survivor into the design of your prostate cancer awareness pins, you encourage people interacting with the individuals wearing your pins to ask questions. This helps spread knowledge and awareness of prostate cancer screening and treatment options.

Designing effective lapel pins will allow you to use these pins to help increase prostate cancer awareness in the future. To learn more, contact a company like Custom Pins Inc.