When your used car is practically used up, you have three options for its disposal; salvage it, trade it in, or give it to a car donation charity. While the first two directly profit you, the third profits more than just you. If you have never donated your vehicle to a charity that takes used cars, and you are not sure how your vehicle would benefit anyone, consider the following.

Welfare and Work

In 2014, over one-third of the U.S. households were receiving welfare benefits. That is a pretty high number. What is even more surprising is that many of these recipients are on welfare because they do not have adequate transportation or funds to get to work. They do not have a working vehicle that can help them get a job, get a better job or get an education to get a better job. Since no government program provides welfare recipients with working vehicles with which to better their situation, your car donation to a private charity can change the lives of one adult and/or one family for good.


There is a staggering number of teens at risk for mental health problems, substance abuse, and criminal activity. When these teens are referred to at-risk programs for rehabilitation, they are taught skills that can help them regain some control over their lives and help put them on a better path. Many of these programs rely on car donations to help rehabilitate the teens. The cars are used to teach teens how to drive, get their licenses, get their GEDs if they are high school drop-outs, and teach teens how to fix cars so that they can at least get a job in a mechanic's shop to earn some sort of wages until they can go to college (if they want to).

Temporary Transportation Solutions

Missionaries and military families both need temporary transportation when they are home in the U.S. Donating your used vehicle to a church or to the military base nearest you allows these families the means to drive and get around for a week to a few months before they are shipped back out overseas. The base or church that you donate the vehicle to then keeps the vehicle on hand to help out other military personnel or missionaries when they come home, constantly rotating its use, free of charge, to those that are in need of transportation.

For more information, visit websites like http://actiondonation.org.